6th September 2017            

The ‘Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme’ is the longest and most challenging ultra-stage bicycle race in the world. Wilderness, Ural, Siberian low lands, mountains and lake Baikal, crossing some of the mightiest rivers globally – from the Volga in Europe to the Siberian rivers Ob, Yenisei and Angara and the Amur in Russia’s Far East. Leading along the borders of three large neighbouring countries – Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China for about 3000 kilometers. Crossing seven time zones and climate areas from continental climate to sub-tropic in the Far East. Temperature differences of up to 40 degrees Celsius – from lows in the nights to highest during days.

Discipline:                          Ultra Long Distance Bicycle Stage Race

Total Distance:                   9 287 kilometers (GPS-tracker)

Accumulated altitude:         80,000 meters

Stages:                               14 stages – 24 days (2 days rest)

Start:                                  Moscow – Theatre Square

Finish:                                Vladivostok – Russkij Bridge

2017 participants: 10 from six nations, among them two women for the first time/three arrived at the Pacific shore – Alexey Shchebelin/RUS, Pierre Bischoff/GER, Marcelo Soares/BRAZ.

The next RBTSE-race (The 4th ) will start on July 24, 2018. Further information and registration: info@most-sport.com


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