The Moscow Dragons welcome all comers to our club, the nec plus ultra of the Moscow sports and social scene! Founded by expats and now enjoying its 20th Anniversary, MDRFC has become truly cosmopolitan in the course of these two decades, with Russian players now in the majority but up to a dozen other nations represented in our squad.

Young and old! Callow beginners, seasoned warriors, in-betweeners! Fit and not (yet) so fit! Round and slim! Rugby is a game for all shapes, sizes and (almost) ages, so there’s room for all sorts in our line-up – especially as this season, for the first time, we have two men’s sides competing in the Moscow Championship which started in mid-May.

As things stand now, in the summer break, our 1st XV sit atop the Moscow First Division, following a sole defeat to Dinamo in five fixtures. Their most remarkable performance so far was the overturning of a 17-0 deficit, away at Zelenograd, to win 25-20. The second team have also suffered just one loss to date and are currently placed third in the closely-contested Third Division. Fielding two sides is proving to have been a masterstroke – but we’ve sometimes struggled to raise enough starters and replacements for both teams, so we’re always keen to welcome new players. The Championship resumes on 2nd September and, depending on results, there could be up to four more competitive fixtures – yes, plenty of rugby still to be played in 2017!

We also have an enthusiastic ladies’ section, our girls’ main focus being on 7-a-side rugby. Not that 7’s are neglected by the men, either – they play on the Moscow 7’s circuit and in assorted international tournaments including Dubai and (this year, for the first time) Rome. As for our Veterans, they too have been known to try their hand at abbreviated rugby (10’s in their case), competing in Dubai and other events in recent years.

Snow rugby! Beach rugby! You name it… MDRFC really is a club that’s ready to have a crack at all forms of rugby and even other sports. (Who said “Boat Races”? Shh…)

We have a well-established tradition of touring far and wide. Our groundbreaking Kyrgyzstan tour in early May included a ‘test’ against the fledgling national side, whom the Dragons dispatched 39-10, and our next foreign escapades will be to  Cascais, Portugal in late September and then, again, Dubai for the 7’s and 10’s events straddling November and December. The Dragons have absorbed many of the finest elements of world Rugby tradition over the years, and it’s when we’re on tour that the influence of that sophisticated culture is at its most conspicuous.

Our traditional ‘Saturday Committee’ and our after-match parties are legendary, and we hold a number of other social events throughout the year – the most prominent being our Valentine’s Day Charity Ball and the ‘Reds v Blues’ day which is now just round the corner on 26th August! The core event of this festival is our annual intraclub fixture between the Captain’s XV and the President’s XV, but there’s also a women’s 7’s game, some touch rugby, a post-match barbecue, entertainment for the children and then… the mother of all parties, cruising the Moscow River on the good ship Silver. All are welcome, whether as players, fans, or (best of all) sponsors!

In spring and summer, training is usually at 8pm, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our home ground, the Krasny Baltiets stadium (Kosmonavta Volkova 33 – two minutes’ walk from the Krasny Baltiets elektrichka stop). However, at other times of the year training times and venues can vary widely, and the best way to keep informed is by following us on Or feel free to contact Gavin (; +7 925 7402471) or Timur (; +7 925 3515966).


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