Sean’s Russian Blog

A very interesting series of podcasts and articles about Russia, put together by Dr Sean Guillory from the University of Pittsburg.


Luc Jones’s Vlogs

Brit Luc Jones has lived in Russia for most of his working life. In this series of self-financed vlogs ‘The Other Way’ made in 2020, he gives a rather upbeat, positive view of life and times around Moscow and popular places in Russia. Here’s his YouTube channel:

Retro Maps

Retro maps of Russia are really coming into vogue. In the case of Russia, historical maps are readily available. This site: offers thousands of maps of major cities of Russia, as well as the regions. Maps are are arranged chronologically as well as alphabetically. There are various search


LISA HAYDEN ESPENSCHADE, from Maine, USA is a writer, translator, and Russian tutor/teacher who loves reading Russian fiction, particularly novels. She has a very interesting blog: ‘LIZOK’s BOOKSHELF’ which is unfortunately no longer seems to be being updated.

LIZOK’s BOOKSHELF’ is a useful list of Russian literature translated into English.

James Bradley’s Blogs

James Bradley broadcasts blogs called the ‘Untold Pacific’. Blogs are mostly concerned with Asian Pacific countries, however there is some common ground with Russia, in podcasts such as: ‘Japan’s Race to Build a Bomb.’

James Bradley is a New York Times number one best-selling author of four books on Pacific history.  Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood made the movie of his first book, Flags of Our Fathers.  James has been traveling in and learning about Asia since 1974, when he attended Sophia University in Tokyo.

Guy Archer’s: ‘Capital Perspectives’ newsletter about Cultural Events

Guy Archer is an unsung heroes who started the first English language colour magazine in Moscow in 2001-2. The magazine served as the inspiration for a host of other publications such as PASSPORT magazine. Unfortunately business problems meant that only 9 issues came out. All that is left now is this newsletter.[UNIQID]&u=8d28949c3f11b5b6eb510963b&id=26a6dfbd67

Tania Golubeva’s: Understanding Russia

Tania has written a series of very informative articles about Russia, with foreigners in mind. Unfortunately, this blog does not seem to be added to very often, which is a great pity. Perhaps we can all write to Tanya and encourage her to do so!

Laura Williams’: Humans and Horses (Человек и Лошадь)

It is hard to believe that it has been 24 years since I “traded” my home state of Colorado in the US for Russia. I have already lived over half my life in a foreign country. I came here first to work for the World Wildlife Fund, but stayed for love – love of Russia’s vast expanses, its wilderness, and the people who protect it. But it was for one special person – my husband Igor Shpilenok – that I not only left behind my homeland, but all the conveniences of civilization and city life, and moved to a small village in the Bryansk Forest, population 10. Since Igor gave me my first horse here 20 years ago, our herd has now grown to eight horses who willingly work alongside me in helping humans through personal growth, resolving trauma, and overcoming disabilities.  Guided by the horses, today we organize retreats into the wilderness of Russia and the world of the Horse.

Laura also writes, occasionally, for a live journal blog:

Lyubov Zolotova’s: Unknown Russia

My Unique Russia is a blog which explores Russian cultural heritage with a focus on traditional architecture, crafts, public and private heritage projects and initiatives in Moscow and beyond, curious facts and heritage in Russian art.

Billy Martinsky’s: The Global Hobo

Are you dreading the start of another full work week tomorrow? Wish you could be somewhere else instead? Good news because now you can vicariously do so! Live through stories, articles and photos about the wonders, disasters, laughs and terrors of an absent minded, bearded 20-something doing Genghis Khan’s route backwards. (Now fully organized and completed)

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