Young Russian Artists

 A series of short photo essays, introducing the works and creative vitality of a series of the coming generation of talent. Start collecting their works while you can still afford them! If you are one such aspiring artist(e), contact RK soon.   – Editor

Dominica Harrison

London/Moscow; Film Animation – magazine illustration – caricature cartoons

Still from the film ‘Illusions’ 2016


by Ross Hunter, The English School of Science, Lefortovo

Lisa and cubs’. Illustration for PASSPORT magazine. Ink on paper. 2011

I first met Dominica when she was in her mid teens, thinking ahead to university applications. She frowned deeply when I suggested she ought to take her sketchbook with her to interview. “Which of the 23?” she asked. Needless to say, she got in to one of London’s top foundation courses, with ease, and from there, went to Edinburgh to specialise and develop her talent properly.  ‘Foundation Course?’ It has a different meaning for art students: no high school can possibly offer students the full range of artistic specialisms, and a year doing a whirlwind tour of all the options: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, textiles, film, mixed media, printing, graphics, … animation is required.  It has to be an explosive and chaotic experience.

But before university, Dominica was already winning awards at school, here in Moscow, and building her portfolio. She did a series of illustrations, serious and whimsical, for Passport, the popular expat magazine, demonstrating her natural talent for getting inside a character and capturing their soul. Like all great cartoonists, from Picasso to Dali, the right minimalist line is only possible given the ability to capture form conventionally: the little sketch grows from the full composition.

Sketchbook, Tarot cards. Ink and pencil on paper. 2014

After London, Edinburgh helped her find her love and metier in animation. In 2016 she graduated with a First Class Honours, her graduation piece, ‘Illusions’ which is based on a story “Goats Eyes” by Max Frei,  has been exhibited worldwide. The film was created entirely in screen-printing technique, which means that all the frames were drawn by hand, turned into colour separations and screen printed on A3 sheets of paper, then scanned back in to create an animated sequence. More than 400 screen prints were created while making the film.  Nick Park would be proud.

Since graduating, Dominica has been working in London, snapped up by the capital’s leading arts university, UAL, in their technical department, which allows her to continue with her own creations, and working travel, most recently to Bangkok, to Poland helping create the just released film ‘Loving Vincent’, and of course home to Moscow, where it all began.

Dominica Harrison’s work already displays a maturity and depth way beyond her slender count in years. At the rate at which her creativity, and output, are evolving, we are only seeing the early frames from a fast moving reel. Watch this space! Or, better, see more at

Painting one of the scenes from ‘Loving Vincent’ in the Break Thru studios in Gdansk . 2016


Still from a film ‘Misshape Happenings’. 2017


‘Fisherman and his soul’ illustration of short story by Oscar Wilde. Watercolour on paper. 100x100cm (2012)