Text by Simon Green, photos by Halloweeners

Last Saturday, October 28, saw many of Moscow’s movers and shakers letting their hair down in true Moscow style. Once again Mike’s palatial apartment came into play, playing host to a whole cross-section of people, many of whom I had never seen before, but by the end of the party, they were fast friends as Enid Blyton would have described it.

This event had been announced on Facebook about 2 weeks ago, but with rather a mute response, so Mike hit on the idea of making it a formal event with designated “going” or “interested” boxes to be ticked or otherwise, and we saw a meteoric rise in numbers in the aforementioned boxes. By the middle of the week leading up to the event we were seriously worried whether we had bitten off more than we could chew, as there could have been anywhere between 60 and 90 people we estimated- not easy for catering purposes. The ubiquitous Coronation chicken and Thai curry took center stage along with a chicken curry (Indian), a couple of Boeuf Bourgignons and a rather fancy smancy dish of Mike’s called Korean Bulgogi which was to die for with its sophisticated flavours bursting out.

Alesya Kalinina kindly arranged family members and friends to produce some music for us to enjoy, and of course an event with music wouldn’t be complete without that doyen of performers, Lyubov Zolotova, throwing in a couple of cameos for us to savour which predictably brought the house down! When the doorbell started ringing with alarming regularity at 19.00, announcing the first of many guests, I realized the sort of party we were in for. So many drop dead gorgeous ladies in daring costumes or classy evening dresses; Rick Magda looking incredibly voluptuous with his exaggerated buxom bosoms, as well as an array of painted faces with hints of horror on them. People fell on the canapes upon entry: smoked salmon, pate and Parma ham on fresh baguettes, then tucked into the culinary offerings with great gusto for the main course.

There were never less than 60 people in the room at any one time, which swelled to around 80 at one point; so much so that the volume of conversation almost drowned out the manic drum playing from one of the girls. Around 100 people made the journey to the depths of the abyss that was Mike’s apartment for the evening, with their fabulous range of outfits befitting Halloween in all its traditional glory. As always with these events, it’s the people that make the party, which in this case continued until 04.00 a.m, though your scribe had long since “retired” for the evening!

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