Art/Photo Expo: ‘Bragino’ at NB Gallery, 2-11 February

Ross Hunter

ALERT! Catch this exhibition in the next few days!

Bragino is a tiny family village somewhere beyond the end of the world, in the taiga forest many hours past Krasnoyarsk, just the 700km from the nearest school. The Bragin family moved there to create their own life, off grid. Last year, Alla Shevelkina and a French film crew were their guests for a fortnight, while they tried to capture the essence of this unique, and threatened ecology.

The results are compelling, and thought provoking. The NB gallery has films, photos and materials relating to the project.  In some respects, the images are utterly unique in space and time, wholly Siberian and as alien as Mars for people leading routine urban lives.  On the other hand, Mr Bragin and his family are in every remote village in the world.  He looks as if he was born 55, and has stayed 55 for 60 years, if born and not hewn from one of Arthur Rackham’s trees. A little girl hides shyly from the camera, dressed in her summer flowery flock, and wellies. The small boy parked on the warm shelf atop the kitchen range is universal, as are the log cabin kitchen and fittings.  It is a hard life, and under threat, from both obvious and unexpected quarters.  The exhibition is well worth visiting, for everyone, especially anyone who has ever dreamed of doing a Fatu Hiva expedition to an unspoiled world in the middle of nowhere.


NB Gallery, 6/2 Sivtsev Vrazhek, Suite 2.  Ten minutes’ walk from Kropotkinskaya Metro.