Special Personal Legal Plan for the World Cup

Vladislav Puglenikov

The Moscow Law Office “SCHEGLOV & PARTNERS” (Law Firm) is offering a special ‘Personal Legal  Protection Plan’ for all foreigners visiting Russia for the FIFA World Cup.

In Russia, a lot has been done to organise and hold FIFA 2018 at the highest possible level, including taking care of security for all participants and guests. However, it simply is not possible to explain to all guests about all intricacies of Russia laws and customs to cover them for all possibilities.

For example; it is not difficult to envisage a situation where a law-abiding visitor of FIFA 2018 doesn’t do anything illegal him or herself, but is detained by the police as part of a group of people suspected of hooliganism. For minor hooliganism, the law stipulates a fine of up to 2,000 roubles or arrest for 15 days. If the hooliganism is suspected as being planned prior to the event, or associated with resistance to a representative of the authorities, a penalty of imprisonment for up to 7 years can be applicable.

If you don’t have a personal lawyer in Russia, you run the risk of (at a minimum) wasting a lot of time. According to Russian law, any citizen can be detained up to 48 hours. I have no wish to create negativity, however it is just possible that a hint might be dropped by a rare unscrupulous officer that the issue can be solved more quickly by transferring a small sum of money in any currency (equivalent of 10,000 rubles) or a ‘souvenir’ to the police officer. But legally, this is already a criminal offence, it is called – giving bribes. A law-abiding police officer records the transfer of a bribe and a criminal trial follows, which may result in the arrest of the visitor and a sentence of up to two years with a fine of five to ten times the amount of the bribe.

Another example: Russia is famous for its beautiful women, but among them there is an insignificant fraction of those with ‘low social responsibility’ who want to enrich themselves and see large functions like international sporting events as a way to do exactly that. Having become acquainted with such a girl it is necessary to realize that at a certain moment the visitor can get into a situation when a choice is presented: pay the girl several thousand Euros or to be investigated by the police for violent acts of a sexual nature…

Moreover, in such a situation, people may appear who seem to be presenting themselves to be police officers, but in fact they are not. Question: How can this kind of scenario be avoided? Answer: It can’t be completely exccluded. Only a lawyer who has a practice in Russia will be able to verify all the data and powers of any police officer and compare his identity with the documents,  and give the right advice to his credentials in any situation.

The purpose of our legal firm is to promptly provide qualified legal protection of the Principal’s interests in his or her detention or arrest and to minimize the administrative or criminal liability of the Principal in the territory of Russia. If you believe that you have enough legal qualifications to independently understand the intricacies of Russian legislation, or you are ready to spend your time and on an ‘excursion’ to the police station – you do not need the services of our office and we sincerely wish you good luck!

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