Colin Ward








Real pain it’s evil

It never goes away

It eats right down into you

And owns the right to stay


Don’t think it doesn’t want you

It wants you more and more

That bastard pain it gets you

It wants the final say


Pain recurs, it doesn’t rest

It eats away your soul

It never cares who’s in the way

It wants you for itself


The family oh they suffer

They try to ease the pain

But pain bites back at them as well

And scares them right away


Now pain it grips the body

Of a suffering and burdened man

And digs and digs until, worn out,

He honours pain’s gross plan


Nothing more now matters

The focus is the pain

Relief, relief he doesn’t care

How short will be the gain


His family needs they haunt him

He wants the best for them

But pain it simply eats him up

No rational thought again


Worldly goods and human rights

No longer does he care

He needs, he needs to rid himself

Of bloody pain in there


Oh blissful rest he now has gone

He didn’t want it so

His final thought was family

He knew he had to go


© Colin Ward, October 2017