Morbid Aesthetics

An exhibition opening was recently held at the American Culture Center in Moscow. The series exhibited was Morbid Aestheticsby Lyubov Zolotova, a Russian-American artist living in Moscow.   A number of selected guests attended the event, including several art critics.

In the series presented, Lyubov attempted to explore some of the morbid issues of aging, disease, and death, as well as that of “ripening” (sexual maturation) which, too, can be excruciating and not necessarily welcome, yet always inevitable – The Pain of Ripening deals with that aspect in particular.

Katerina Kartseva, founder of  and a PhD in arts studies, comments: “..a decaying fig fruit, dry leaves, apples eaten out by maggots – a kind of fruit memento mori,  intimidating yet alluring aesthetics of death in the mind of a living person. A ‘fruit blockbuster’ making up for the emotional deficit of the audience discussing Lyubov’s work and enjoying the actual fresh fruit offered at the opening..”

Lyubov studied fine art at the Surikov art college in Moscow and took private classes of drawing and oil painting. Her most favorite media are soft and oil pastel.

Works presented:

  • Aesthetics of Decay I
  • Aesthetics of Decay II
  • Aesthetics of Decay III
  • Aesthetics of Decay IV
  • The Pain of Ripening
  • Dead and Reborn I
  • Dead and Reborn II
  • Dead and Reborn III


The exhibition will run until August 31, 2018. All works are available for purchase. To acquire the artist’s work, contact lzolotova@gmail.comor call + 7 915 139 05 71