Brookes’ Open Days

John Harrison

Brookes School Moscow organised two Open Days at the end of August, and showed their newly commissioned building to parents and future students. I attended one and was quite taken aback at the changes to the building that have taken place over the past 3 months. Certainly the project is a kind of Moscow monument to the proverb: ‘Where There Is a Will There Is A Way’, and congratulations have to be offered to the management and staff of Brookes for pulling this off, particularly in what can only be described as an ‘interesting’ international investment environment.
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Suddenly, what was a building site only a few months ago with a lot of potential has turned into an amazing educational environment. High ceilings, spacious classrooms complete with expatriate teachers, corridors which all lead around the inside of the structure, instead of ending up in some dead end. Brookes Moscow has undergone the stringent Education Department licensing process and is now legally entitled to function as an International School in Moscow.

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On the second Open Day, Moscow’s most extraordinary troupe of artistes, ‘Flying Banana’ performed a special edition of ‘George And The Dragon’ which added a multi-cultural blast of magic to a somewhat not altogether expected, special day.

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The grounds outside the school are finished as well, and there is innovation and boldness on display in the way the array of sports facilities, which are built for the energy of the young, have been arranged.

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