Learn How To Play ‘Alquerque’, ‘Hnefatafl’, ‘Fox’ and ‘Geese’. Moscow Season Reenactment Event, October 6th  and 7th

Helen Borodina

Moscow Seasons (happening now, started September 28, will last until October 7). Visit the Medieval Town in Novokosino this weekend, October 6 and 7, to taste medieval and season foods, dance to medieval music, play historical board games and more! Family fun.

Address: Gorodetskaya str, Novokosino district

The annual gastronomic festival Golden Autumn, which is part of a year-round festival, Moscow Seasons, is happening all over Moscow – of course, on Tverskaya, near Red Square, and also at Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo, Orekhovo-Borisovo, Zelenograd and Novokosino, each spot offering  its foods to taste and take home, and fun: games, open air performances, live music, and, of course, historical re-enactment.

Alquerque, Hnefatafl, Fox and Geese – what are they?

Hnefatafl, a Viking game

In Novokosino, you will find a beautiful magic town where you can sample seasonal foods and even medieval-style dishes as you step inside a XV century atmosphere created by historical event agency ‘Ratobortsy’ with the help of experienced re-enactors. The weekend of October 6 and 7 promises to be exceptionally lively, with real medieval music from the folk band ‘Teufelstanz’.

Svetlana (pictured below), Mira and Katya who wear self-made reconstructed clothes of European noblewomen, are very interesting interlocutors, and masters of medieval board games. “Some of these games have been played since as early as the 9thcentury,” – Svetlana explains. “We teach people how to play Hnefatafl, Fox and Geese, Alquerque… In the town-hall, you can play circular chess with a feudal lord.”

I ask her how it feels being kept so busy all the time. “It’s fun. People ask if I’m playing a princess,”  she says. “There’s a knight here who talks about knights and their armour, and a life-size horse manikin to take pictures on. Mira, Katya (from medieval theatre Mysterion founded by Elizaveta Rylova) and myself are helped by Evgeny Kornienkov, another re-enactor… We do get tired, but it’s fun, and there are people with a genuine interest in history, in what we’re doing, and it makes it really worth the while!”