World’s Largest Doll Exhibition!

IX International ‘Art of the Doll’ Exhibition in Gostiny Dvor in the Heart of Moscow

Marlen Dietrich’s dolls, unique handmade dolls, antique dolls, dolls little girls love to play – and more.

Where: Gostiny Dvor, Ilyinka str, 4,

When: December 14, 15, 16.

Organizer: international fund ‘The dolls of the World’

Family event, except the 18+ ‘Naked collection’

Doll artists and doll makers from 26 countries display their best works in the historical building of Gostiny Dvor in the center of Moscow.

Visitors can buy collector items of various dolls and Teddy bears, step-by-step teddy bear and doll making manuals, accessories, Christmas gifts, as well as photograph, or make selfies with unique dolls purchased by collectors that will vanish forever from the public eye once they leave the exhibition.

‘Our project shows the art of the doll as an extremely contemporary sort of art with a multi-millennial history living here and now. The artists speak to their audience in the language of the doll that’s a little over a hundred years old, but the communicative means of this language are as old as civilization itself – as well as they are conventional: composition, lasticity, coloristics, harmony, talent and beauty.’ Olga Lachina, editor-in-chief of Kukolny Master (Кукольный Мастер, The Dollmaker) magazine. 

As tradition has it, ‘The Art of the Doll’ exhibition is happening again in one of Moscow’s most prestigious exhibition halls, and it is certainly a lovely event to attend on a December weekend. 

20 special projects and hundreds of signature expositions of dolls from all imaginable and unimaginable places in the world – from the Antarctic to Japan; portraying times from ancient to futuristic, miniature to gigantic in size.

The only kind of dolls you don’t find here are… boring dolls.

Here’s a quick overlook: Dolls from Marlen Dietrich’s, Clara Bow’s and Josephine Baker’s boudoirs, Oleg Catorgin’s dolls in the project called ‘Found in Antarctida,’ Japanese antique dolls, figurines and Kimonos from Yuri Podkopaev’s collection and Alla Belyaeva’s signature dolls in the kimekomi technique. 

Be sure to check out the Bruegel-inspired dolls and dolls inspired by North Renaissance represented by the Artists’ Union of Russia, Elena Gromova Gallery and the Doll Collection Studio club.

A special Christmas exhibition of 19 century porcelain dolls from  Natalia Kurochkina’s collection presents the ‘great-grandmothers’ of the modern classic art doll. 

 The title ‘See you in Venice’ speaks for itself… it’s all about masks, carnivals and exquisite balls in houses of doges as seen by the artists from the School of Doll Design. 

Another interesting collection are dolls depictingfemale characters from ancient Asia riding horses and unicorns, dancing or playing musical instruments. 

And, of course, the Childhood Dream dolls – German limited edition dolls, rare molds and new items, as well as the dolls most popular with little girls all over the world. 

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