2018 for the Moscow Caledonian Club was Rich with Events! ‘Burn’s Supper’, the 1st Major Event of 2019 Coming Up Soon On Feb 2nd.2018 for the Moscow Caledonian Club was Rich with Events! ‘Burn’s Supper’, the 1stMajor Evnt of 2019 Coming Up Soon On Feb 2nd.

Text: Helen Borodina

Helen Borodina

Pictures: Vitaly Mironov

Special thanks to Vadim Galin

For those of you who have been to at least one of the events by the Moscow Caledonian club, shouted Hurrah and cheered with its chairman Dr Dmitry Fedosov, president Vitaly Mironov, Scottish musician and the club’s dear friend and honourable member Frank Mcguire, Vladimir Lazerson – the first professional Celtic piper in Russia, the Club’s event manager Vadim Galin, occasionally – John Harrison of RussiaKnowledge himself, and many others, including your humble servant – me who is writing this text to update you on the club’s recent and upcoming events – if you have been there and done it – you will certainly come to Burns’ Supper at “Nega” cultural centre at Dmitrovskoye shosse 33 bldg 5 (and will have no problem finding the place!) February 2 at 6 p.m. (save the date!).

For those who haven’t been at, and, perhaps, have never heard of, the Moscow Caledonian club and its activities – allow me the pleasure of enlightening you, even briefly, and inviting you to the aforementioned event that will also be the Club’s first gathering this new year (details in my special event post when the programme is finalised – but it will be worth the while, I assure you!) .

The Moscow Caledonian club is the oldest organization in Russia maintaining cultural collaborations between Russia and Scotland and studying the historical and cultural heritage shared by these two countries. 

Founded in 1994 by historians Vitaly Mironov and Dr Dmitry Fedosov, today the Moscow Caledonian Club counts over 200 regular and 150 associated members, including descendants of famous Scottish dynasties living in Russia, artists and scientists, people of different ages, from different countries, working different jobs, all sharing a love for the country of heather and the bagpipe. 

            The Club‘s coat of arms is a combination of the Russian and the Scottish St Andrew’s flags, one reflecting the other, that symbolizes the spiritual, cultural and historical connection between Russia and Scotland.

December 22, shortly before Christmas that for the International community of Moscow seems to mark the beginning of the winter holiday season that lasts until the Orthodox Christmas of January 7th, the Moscow Caledonian Club held an unofficial celebration of its 24thanniversary, with the Andy M. Stewart Tribute Quartet playing a concert of XVI-XVIII century Scottish ballads and songs by Silly Wizard and Andy M. Stewart. 

The year 2018 was eventful for the Moscow Caledonian club and, in a sense, for Russia and Scotland on a greater scale. 

November 16thto December 8th, 2018, the founders, members and friends of the Moscow Caledonian club held the 5thannual “St Andrew’s Day offering” Cultural Seasons in Scotland, Saint Andrew being the Patron Saint who protects the friendship between Russia and Scotland. Similarity of the two countries’ state symbols (St Andrew’s flag and Order), shared spirituality and historical background are the key to the fruitful cultural exchange seen at the ‘Saint Andrew’s day offering’ Cultural Seasons in 2018, featuring a series of joint productions by the Russian Ballet Theatre and a number of Scottish ballet schools, a presentation of the full English edition of Patrick Gordon’s ‘Diaries’ and the British premiere of the new Russian film ‘Sobibor’ that was quite a success.

Earlier in 2018, Dr Dmitry Fedosov, was elected, and May 14, inducted, as Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, thus becoming the first scientist from Russia (or the former USSR) to receive this honour. This was announced in the Moscow Caledonian Club – and celebrated – on the 6th of October 2018.

From the days of mid-January where we now stand, we can see the candles of Burns’ Supper on the tables heavy with food and drink; hear the bagpipes and the knocking of the dancers’ heels on the floor, the bagpipe, the Hurrah! and the lively talk – that’s only three weeks away, and it’s something to look forward to. 

And, when you look forward to something, it happens before you realize it, – and then, you have the next thing to look forward to – with the Moscow Caledonian club, this will definitely be the case.

Details for Burns’ Supper of February 2 to follow (location, tickets and trivia).

Read more about the Moscow Caledonian Club at: https://www.caledonian.ru/history-club-eng

The Moscow Caledonian Club on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caledonianclub.moscow/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Vadim Galin or Vitaly Mironov here: https://www.caledonian.ru/contact