Charity Concert For Lyubov Zolotova

As you may know, Lyubov Zolotova, the receiver of the 2018 Chevening Alumni Award: “For Building Cultural Bridges Between the UK and Russia,” has had a very serious accident in Thailand. At the present time, after been run over by a bus, she has undergone five operations, the last operation being a skull trepanation, and her condition is still serious. A considerable amount of money has already been raised by people who know her, and some who do not. Nevertheless, this is not enough to cover all medical expenses, and there is also the question of special transportation back to Russia, and care here once she is back. This is a genuine opportunity to help.

A dedicated fundraising concert: ‘Let’s Save Our Love’ (Lyubov means Love in Russian) will be held on the 6th of February at 6.30pm at the British Ambassador’s Residence. If you don’t know Lyubov, she is a highly talented musician, artist, educator, philanthropist, and culture researcher. She finds time, somehow, to write articles for RussiaKnowledge. Here are links to a couple of articles about her:

Right now, Lyubov really needs our help! Please join us at this concert, organized by some of her close friends to help her recover.

Ticket price is 2,500 roubles, to be paid in cash at the door. Please follow this link to register, indicating your First Name and Last Name to get to the Ambassador’s residence. You won’t be able to get in without registering.

If you are not able to come to the concert, but still want to transfer money for Lyuba, you can do this using the bank details of Lyubov’s husband Andrey Elbakidze stated below. For payment purposes, please indicate DONATION or GIFT in the reference/invoice line.

There are two ways money can be transferred:

1.     To Sberbank card, number: 4276 3801 1926 2991

2. To Sberbank account.

Details are as follows:

Owner: Andrey Georgievich Elbakidze.

Account number: 40817810638128456308

Recipient’s Bank name: SBERBANK

BIC: 044525225

Corr. account: 30101810400000000225

INN: 7707083893

TIN 773643001