Worldwide Educating for the Future Index (WEFFI) Report

Commissioned by the Yidan Prize Foundation and compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit for the second year: ,

The WEFFI ranks 50 economies, which represent nearly 93% of global GDP and 89% of the world’s population, on how well they’re doing on equipping people aged 15-24 with skills for the future.

  • The UK landed in 10th place, down four spots from last year’s ranking, hurt by low scores on quality of teacher education and government expenditure on education, according to The EIU.
  • The U.S. is in 18th place (of 50 globally), down from its 12th ranking in the previous edition of WEFFI.
  • The U.S. achieved a relatively poor result for a high-income country and was hurt by its decentralized model of education, which leads to a wide variation in education quality, according to the EIU. “ The current national education strategy provides little guidance to educators on delivering future-oriented skills in areas such as leadership, creativity, collaboration or communication. Nor do national curriculum guidelines for upper-secondary schools prioritise methods such as problem-based learning,’’ the WEFFI said.
  • Finland topped the 2018 WEFFI, followed by Switzerland and New Zealand.
  • “Finland launched an experiment in 2016, mandating all its schools adopt collaborative teaching methods, with the aim of better preparing students for the challenges they will face in the coming decades. It is one of the reasons why Finland rose from third place in the last iteration to the top position in the 2018 Worldwide Educating For the Future Index, developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by the Yidan Prize Foundation.’’
  • Ghana is “Africa’s standout performer can teach policymakers around the world how to prioritise education’’
  • Ranked for the first time this year, Ghana “is the strongest performer among low-income economies and the highest ranked of the seven in Africa.’’
  • “When comparing its overall index rank (25th) with where it stands in terms of GDP per head (46th)—a difference of 21 places—it is not a stretch to call Ghana the top overachiever in the index,’’ the WEFFI says.
  • Russia is ranked in 26th place, just below Ghana and above Poland
  • The full ranking is on pg 9

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