Hotspot of Darkness

On May the 11th in the middle of what could have been the darkest of coronavirus days, or perhaps the good times we will look back to, it will be decided, I (anonymous) celebrated my 26th birthday on ‘Zoom’. For some reason Ross Hunter, that cajoling rat supported my idea of participants writing some poetry completely unconnected with Conrad – and you can judge just how inebriated we were – 100 word (maybe it was 200 Daniel?) ‘Hotspot of Darkness’ tomorrow morning by 11am. To my utter amazement, three honourable guests did actually put finger to keyboard and came up with some actual, well, poems. What’s more, my daughter, Dominica Harrison, sent a shockingly honest psychological appraisal of our visual apparel (to remember JO). Thank you. Here is what 3 the three previously mentioned esteemed guests wrote. This has all coincided (more or less, what does ‘tomorrow’ mean anyway when your total life experience revolves within three rooms if you are lucky and you talk to yourself?) with the celebratory Resurrection of the RussiaKnowledge site after a wee hiatus.

 Hotspot of Darkness 
By Conrad, that hotspot of darkness: 66 words counting backwards to total 81, with the title, 98

Lucy Harrison

In would light
Them to more
The act
Such remaining
In and him pain
and been as in
(an unfortunate number of little words all in a row, all number 66 of the previous 66 that is counting backwards from the end of the heart of darkness by Conrad in honour not of that ‘hotspot of darkness’ but my brat’s birthday – you’ve come a long way little bro, see you on the highway)

We while that sorrow room
Pure chance poem from Lucy

 66 Word Mini Epictaph of 66 words
Ross Hunter

Uneasy lies the head which wears Corona -

  A plague on both your houses.

Out, out damn Covid spot:

  Is this a vaccine I see before me?

One more unto the bleaches dear friends

  Or close the wall with our chlorious dead!

Ask not for whom the bell tolls:

  Is life not but a chimes-era?

Abandon Hope in           

  This Hotspot of Darkness.

Daniel Brooks

John is prime minister
In his own mind
John’s on the banister
The blind with the blind
I got it from Alice
She got it from me
In Minsk, without prejudice
It had to be
We never plagiarize
Though it fits the lyrics
Let us theorize
Without hysterics
We have been hacked
Someone smart is near
It’s an established fact
The future is here
The hot spot of darkness
Isn’t a place
A lukewarm starkness
Without a trace
The hot spot of darkness
In 200 words
With all of our smartness
Without any verbs
The hot spot of darkness
Let’s go insane
Drag your carcass
Back to your brain
The hot spot of darkness
We all got it from Alice
In Pinsk, in the apartness
From a golden chalice
The hot spot of darkness
In so many words
A senseless catharsis
In a house of cards
The hot spot of darkness
Get me out of here
The trees are barkless
The end is near
The hot spot of darkness
Is going down
We will win regardless
We will take back our town
The hot spot of darkness
Doesn’t stand a chance
Their side is heartless
Our side is in France
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