Killing COVID in a New Old-Fashioned Way

Paul Goncharoff

Before I get to the homey tidbit of information I received from the City of Tashkent, and what this piece is about, a bit of a digression into the past might be interesting for some of us.

What now seems like centuries ago, actually it was the summer of 1976 I was part of the ‘Statesmanship VII’ group from the USA to the Soviet Union. We were invited as guests of the CPSU and it was in that thawing cold-war era of detente that I first visited Tashkent Uzbekistan, then a republic within the USSR. 

It was a different time of course, which can be appreciated in the inaugural address of then President Nixon where he proclaimed, ‘We are entering an era of negotiation,’ and he went on to say:

‘We seek an open world—open to ideas, open to the exchange of goods and people—a world in which no people, great or small, will live in angry isolation….Those who would be our adversaries, we invite to a peaceful competition—not in conquering territory or extending dominion but in enriching the life of man.’ Times and tones have certainly changed.

Some three months after his historic visit to China, Nixon traveled to Moscow, where he met with Premier Aleksey N. Kosygin and Communist Party leader Leonid Brezhnev. They discussed arms limitation, prevention of nuclear war, and increased trade between the United States and the Soviet Union. The most important immediate outcome of that summit meeting was the signing, on May 26, of SALT I. Ideologies were starkly different and in opposition, yet negotiated efforts were being made and largely succeeding, especially when compared to the then recent frigid danger of heating up the cold war, replete with Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) as the peace guarantor.

This preamble leads me to the present day when I was handed a paper, written in Russian, by a well known epidemologist/immunologist hailing from (you guessed it) Tashkent. To those who might not know, the medical research conducted in Tashkent was considered to be at the forefront of medical research in the former USSR. Throughout the second world war and after the ‘flower of Soviet scientific thought in medicine’ used to be based in Tashkent.

The document I was given was written this spring 2020 at the crest of the first wave of the pandemic, they published their information and assessment on COVID- 19. I thought it was sufficiently interesting, had some gastronomic pluses, and concerned my favorite herb, so I took the time to translate it in a non-professional paraphrased way for your illumination:


Tashkent Uzbekistan 21.03.2020.

FROM: Dr. Shukhrat KHALILOV (candidate of medical sciences)

The main danger of the COVID- 19 virus is that it, first of all, affects the immune system. And only then, in its second phase, affects lung tissue.

The lag-time between these two waves of attack is what we call the ‘incubation period’.

We often use words like ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ immunity. However, most people in fact do not know what that is in terms of actual immunity. Moreover, most doctors have very little idea of the structure of the immune system and the functionality of its individual parts.

However, this text if written in scientific form would be very difficult for the untrained reader to fully appreciate. I will try to make it as simple as possible and available in a thesis format to explain the mechanism of the effect of the COVID- 19 virus on the human body.

Eighty percent (80%) of the entire human immune system is concentrated in the mucosa and submucosa layers of the small intestine in the form of lymphoid tissue and its accumulations – called ‘Peyer’s patches’.

Lymphoid tissue produces antibodies (lymphocytes T-, B-, G-, etc.), and also various types of immunoglobulins.

Antibodies through the lymphatic system enter the inferior vena cava, into the heart and having passed through that a small zone of blood circulation, enter the systemic circulation and are carried throughout the body.

In this way tissue immunity is strengthened, including own tissue immunity of the lung tissue.

COVID- 19, mixing with food during meals, enters the intestines and begins to destroy lymphoid tissue. As a result, the affected lymphoid tissue ceases to produce lymphocytes and immunoglobulins. Thus, the immune system is destroyed and, as a result, tissue immunity in the lungs is then dramatically weakened.

From this moment onwards, the second wave of the coronavirus attack begins on now unprotected lung tissue, which is manifested by severe pneumonia, which often ends in death.

Currently, all anti-epidemic measures are aimed at prevention of coronavirus in the lungs, which, in principle, is extremely costly and practically ineffective.

And all therapeutic measures are aimed only at combating complications, in the form of pneumonia.

At the same time, it should be understood that COVID- 19 and similar is a threat for many years and decades to come. What we have today is just the first wave pandemics. There will be many such waves still to come.

At the same time, all preventive and therapeutic measures are aimed at coronavirus localized in the lungs while the initial effects of the coronavirus, localized in the intestines is not addressed. In other words, ‘the cart is placed in front of the horse .’

There are many natural products that have more than just bactericidal properties, but also directly affect such viruses, killing them.

The most effective in this regard is GARLIC

If you drink 2/3 of a cup of water infused with raw garlic daily, then it immediately enters the small intestine and begins to kill COVID- 19.

This achieves the following effects:

-The ‘killed’ COVID- 19 ceases to destroy the lymphoid tissue of the small intestine.

As a result, the lymphoid tissue continues to properly perform its function – i.e. produce antibodies and immunoglobulins;

– The damaged immune system quickly recovers and strengthens, which leads to a significant increase in tissue immunity in the lung tissue.

An insurmountable barrier is created for COVID- 19 , but also for germs like (staphylococcus, etc.) and fungi, which also pose a significant hazard when interacting with coronavirus pneumonia;

– Under the influence of ‘garlic water’ a very interesting chain of events occurs in the small intestine. The ‘Killed’ and weakened by the influence of ‘garlic water’ COVID- 19 becomes nothing more than a natural vaccine, that is then formed naturally inside the human body.

As you know, to create an artificial vaccine, you need a very well equipped and very expensive laboratory with highly qualified personnel. The work on creating an artificial vaccine can take 6-9 months, and industrial production is costly and time consuming.

After taking ‘garlic water’ the natural vaccine is formed in the small intestine within 30-40 minutes and is completely free;

– The natural vaccine begins to actively form a specific immunity against COVID- 19.

Thus, the chain of destructive pathological events in the body caused by COVID- 19 is interrupted and destroyed at the very start and cannot develop further.

The body in a most natural way, so to speak, and in an organized manner, fights and can defeat COVID- 19.

Taking ‘garlic water’ as an anti-epidemic protocol that can be used one day across the country among the entire population. The basic pathogenic morphological substrate will disappear completely in one or two days.

The method for preparing ‘garlic water’ is extremely simple. Start in the morning:

1 . One Peeled garlic clove is cut in half in a transverse direction, put in a porcelain liter teapot and 2/3 of a cup of room temperature water is poured on it. Let it sit.

2 . By evening, the ‘garlic water’ is ready for use. Remove the garlic slices.

Drink that 2/3 of a cup 3 to 4 hours after your last meal before bedtime.

3 . The next day, the procedure for preparing ‘garlic water’ needs to be repeated with a fresh clove of garlic.

4 . Continue to take garlic water daily for one month.

During this time, specific immunity against COVID- 19 will be formed.

If you want to read more about the functioning of the human immune system, then I recommend the works of Profs. R. M. Khaitov, and B. V. Pinegin.’


Now you know, not only do vampies cringe from this noble herb, but according to Dr. Khalilov it also kills COVID-19 at room temperature no less! His one month path to a cure diverges of course just a little bit from the Sputnik vaccine or other vaccines, but who can tell in these crazy times where reality separates from fantasy.

I for one will give this a try for a month (then I’ll get a shot, just to be sure), although I would have preferred it on a pizza or some other cooked tasties rather than in raw or rawish form. Still, If it works, maybe the term ‘garlic breath’ will be the alluring siren call of health and vigorous vitality… perfumes, colognes maybe? Enjoy!

Paul Goncharoff

Moscow August 28, 2020

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