Maria Ushakova

I am currently working organising a prestigious international architectural award ‘Archpoint concept,’ let by a famous Russian architect Valery Lizunov. It’s an award in three categories: best restaurant design concept, best chef and best piece of furniture, so feel free to apply there is still time. We will be presenting the winners with our prize in October during the PIR expo. (

I am also working quite a lot in the House of Actors, where we hold lectures, workshops for children in French and English, as well as art exhibitions. Recently we held an amazing exhibition ‘Sudan through the eyes of Russian painters.’ We plan a lot of interesting intercultural activities in the nearest future. One idea is to host an INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL DAY, where every cultural centre will have a stand and present a piece of their culture, while visitors could just culture-surf around the building’s seven floor labyrinth and have fun mingling with each other.

I am really enjoying growing an international community of people who love poetry, we hold a regular ‘Poetry club with Polugar,’ evenings; each time on a different theme. Each participant brings their favourite poems and recites them by memory. For example, on the 22nd of June, the theme will be the beginning of the World War II. I will invite veterans, and we will be reciting poems for them. As a hobby, I support a women’s circle of Icon painting, it’s an ancient Russian artform, I highly recommend it, it’s a very relaxing and therapeutic activity.

Exhibitions: lots of exhibitions are planned, but I am always looking for more interesting people who are creative and willing to share their art work. Feel free to contact me.

Musicals and theatre performances: we are working with Len Nebons on the ‘Beatles Babes’ musical in English, with my friend Dimitry on an amazing musical dedicated to Sergey Rachmaninov, called ‘My grandfather is Rachmaninov’ and I am also promoting Andrey Schukin’s avant garde musical play, called ‘Soundtrack.’ I have to confess, I want to work as an Administrator at St. Andrews church, starting from September.