I arrived in Moscow in 2013 to visit a friend for a week and was amazed by the country and people. I decided to stay.

I have a background in psychology and did some research into bio energy and parapsychology, so it was a natural progression to move into other things as well as language teaching. Now, I encourage people not to be shy, be more confident and get over their language barriers, besides organising international parties and some different activities in summer.

Basically, I feel that when human beings experience stress and troubles, it is common for their lives to unravel. My great passion is to help people avoiding all those kinds of situations and bringing happiness back into their lives. So I help people; including teens and adults to change their way of thinking from negative to positive, and achieve their goals, as well as gain self-confidence.

Working as an English teacher in Moscow after living in the Netherlands and Germany, gave me a real opportunity to meet and visit Russians at their flats and compare the mentality and way of life between here and Europe. I have to say that what I found out shocked me. People here are so hospitable, helpful and family oriented but, these guys are a bit sad, serious and brought up to be strong to face crises which they believe will always be there, and will be there forever.

After such experiences, it was difficult for me to leave Russia, so I have decided to stay and try as hard as I can to make friends everywhere, learn from them new things in life and work on their way of thinking, to change the atmosphere for better, especially I fell in love with this country and its people.

Back to the point of thinking why people can’t succeed while others succeed, made me think too much and started reading lots of books, including works on Christianity and Islam. In my opinion, no religion ever told people to be sad, poor and depressed, so why is it all happening?

Following all successful people in the world, at sport and business sphere, they all have said the same thing, ‘’we only believed and imagined, then we did it and got all what we wanted.” is it that simple? So all what I need is just imagination and believing?

That was just the beginning of all the change that has happened in my life. I started to read and researched about ways of thinking, meditation, energy and psychology. I met professors and doctors to learn from them for about 10 years until I got the image clear and solved the puzzle.!!

(we all are just a reflection to what we are feel at that moment, having in our mind and thoughts)

According to what we think and feel, we attract situations, events, people, jobs, and thoughts to ourselves therefore we create our own circumstances and future!

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