International Women’s Club of Moscow (IWC)

President: Victoria Šeligo, the wife of The Ambassador of Slovenia.

Web Site:

The International Women’s Club of Moscow is a not-for-profit organization which exists to promote friendship and co-operation between women and men of all nationalities. Explore our website to find out more about our events, how to join, and the charities we support.

The Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA)

President: Milada Rikardson. New President to be elected in February 2018.

Web Site:

We are the network for Swedish and Scandinavian women in Moscow. We get together regularly for different activities, such as Midsummer, the First Advent, Lucia, Cinnamon Bun Day and more. We get to know each other and explore the Russian capital together. Any English speaker can join us for SWEA Professional events, which is a networking platform for international working women in Moscow with a Scandinavian flavour. Take a look at our website or find us on Facebook (search for SWEA Moskva group). SWEA International is a global network with 7500 Swedish speaking women in more than 70 chapters and in over 30 countries.

The British Women’s Club (BWC)

Chairperson: Amanda Deakin


BWC began in 2000 as a support group for women arriving in Moscow. Since then we’ve grown and regularly organise activities and social events for long term residents and new arrivals. We meet weekly for coffee and are always able to offer advice and support for British affiliated people arriving in this exciting and exhilarating city.

De Tulpen

Presidents: Olya Kalmykova and Desiree Dekker

Web Site:

The Main goal of the Tulips is to provide a social platform for the Dutch speaking ladies in Moscow, do things of interest together and have fun! When you are abroad, one’s own culture becomes so much more important. If anybody wants to connect with us, please find us on the Dutch Cub web site. If people want to go and visit museums, they can do that one their own. But if they want to speak their mother tongue with other people here in Moscow, then here we are.

The American Women’s Organization (AWO)

President: Wendy Soucy

Since 1993 the American Women’s Organization of Moscow, has provided support to expatriate women, and/or spouses, of all North American countries including the United States, Canada and Mexico. The aim of the organization is to provide social and cultural opportunities during their stay here in Moscow. Members are very friendly, open and always willing to share their experiences. Meetings are held twice monthly, please contact us for more information on:

Deutsche Gruppe Moskau

We are a German speaking group of women and men who offer support to newcomers and for those who have been here for a while the chance to meet a network of interesting people.
Newcomers can join us at our monthly meetings and, once a member, participate in our various events in and around Moscow.
Please contact our organisational team, we’d love to meet you at one of our next events!