Don Craig’s View

So after enduring a non-forgiving and seemingly never ending winter which brought us snow through to the first of June, followed by a very late summer I am glad to say that finally, we are now able to get outside and enjoy. The bar and restaurant business followed suit as it was a tough beginning to 2017, and the results have crippled a lot of well-known establishments. The strong will survive they say, so let’s take a look at the places that have weathered the storm long enough and might have a chance of making it through the Fall and still be around this Winter.

*Papa’s Bar and Grill is fighting back, and remains one of the giants that maintains its presence as one the go to places in Moscow.

*Chicago Prime (Which reminds me of the TV series Cheers) remains a nightly expat favourite with a great happy hour and one of the best steaks in Moscow.

*H2 is rolling with the punches and continues to bring its own unique brand of entertainment to its clientele, with a good selection of beverages to please and a good menu for those who like good home cooking.

*Blacksmith Pub is a great favourite for live entertainment for expats and locals alike, with decent pricing and a good offering on both their drink and food menus.

*Live Music is what Imagine Café is all about so if you want to hear some of the best talents in Moscow then look no further.

*Jim n Jack is still favoured by the younger expats as a place to have fun, and provides great music & comedy not to mention a friendly menu.

Now my personal favourite and a Chain that continues to grow is the Tigrus Group headed by one of the best-known names in the Moscow food industry Henrik Winther. Bar BQ Café, in my opinion, is the headliner for great food, a fantastic drink selection, and there is always something going on during the weekends to appease everyone. On Fridays stop by and say hello since I actually host on Friday evenings at the Menezhnaya location, and this has become a favourite for the expat & local community as a Friday evening starting point.


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