CERBA and IBA Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

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On the 3rd of October at Imperials Tailor’s plush Gostiny Dvor showroom, members of CERBA (Canada Eurasia Business Association) and IBA (Indian Business Alliance) met together for a Back to Business joint meeting. The event was well attended, and the atmosphere warm and congenial to relaxed but useful networking.

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The highlight of the evening was a signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between CERBA and IBA, signed by Nathan Hunt, the CERBA Moscow Chairman and IBA President Sammy Kotwani. In his address, His Excellency John Kur, Canada’s Ambassador to Russia said: “…In terms of political dialogue, trade and commerce, between Canada and India we truly have an extraordinary modern and dynamic partnership. It is truly wonderful to see people around the world recognising that incredibly unique partnership, and it is amazing to see that cooperation taking root here… I have no doubt that you will have much important work to do together.” In his speech, Nathan Hunt said: “It is thrilling for CERBA to have signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Indian Business Alliance…,” and Mr. S. Inbasekar, Councillor for Trade and Commerce from the Indian Embassy in Moscow praised Canada and its “progressive political and economic policies.” He expressed hope that the memorandum between the two Associations will grow into a fruitful and beneficial partnership.

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After the signing ceremony, guests were treated to an amazing performance by Olga Deputatova, Mezzo-soprano, Actress of the Helikon-Opera Theatre (kindly arranged by the Producer Center “Neponiatno”)

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Sammy Kotwani, apart from being the host of the evening was also the evening’s benefactor and provided the scrumptious Indian food served at the event. A full list of sponsors is listed below.