Marie Staroverova

The third EdCrunch international conference on educational trends and technologies in Moscow was held in Moscow at the end of September. It was the second time that I participated in the event and it was impressive.

There were 4,000 offline participants, 15,000 online viewers, 500 business representatives and more than 1000 pre-school teachers. 300 speakers from Russia, the US, the UK, Italy, China, Australia, etc., presented their speeches as well as participated in round table discussions.

The program was so rich that I really wanted to split into two and to be present in two different lecture halls simultaneously. There were tracks on pre-school education, secondary school education, higher education and university, corporate learning, technologies and online education.

If I’m to summarize the main trends and ideas that were discussed at the conference, these are the following:

First, there is an enormous interest towards blended learning. If 2-3 years ago nobody even mentioned this, now educators talk about online modules as something that is already expected by students and a must-have. The most common example: even if you run an offline course, your students will form groups or chats on Facebook, Vkontakte, whatsapp and now telegram.Second, educators have started to experiment with a project learning approach. This is when participants of a course apply new knowledge and create any kind of prototypes that can be presented, touched and used. For example, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (a highly active venture fund in Russia) has launched a course for students from higher education institutions throughout Russia on Internet Entrepreneurship. The goal of the course is to make a prototype of a business ready to be launched in real life. The course is being introduced into 131 universities now.


http://www.iidf.ru/partners/university/Finally, people started talking about such concepts as lifelong learning.  Learning doesn’t stop after graduation from school or university. There was an inspiring talk  on educational trends up to 2035 and how lifelong learning can become a strategic instrument for the development of society. More information here. This subject alone requires several articles.


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