British Business Club and KPMG joint event – Compliance – Business Breakfast on the 16th of November

David Maltby, Director of Business Operations for the BBC, produced this summary for RussiaKnowledge:

As many of our members are already aware, the British Business Club is undergoing something of a resurgence in Moscow. Following on from the prestigious Agalarov Golf event, our Networking evening at the Mojo Bar, and our ICO marketing event, we held a free-of-charge business breakfast at KPMG’s 31st floor offices in Moscow city.

KPMG, working with the Business Club, produced an important and topical business breakfast presentation for BBC members. This was a key event for those who are interested in or impacted by UK compliance law requirements and operating in Russia. We believe that this is a very timely business presentation, as compliance, anti-corruption and bribery measures are frequently debated. Russian and UK laws do differ considerably – the presentation successfully address touch points and differences.

The presentation, delivered by the KPMG Risk Compliancy team, covered diverse subjects such as the UK bribery act and its relevance in Russia, what a compliance system is, and uniquely, compliancy matters in M&A (mergers and acquisitions).  The presentations also covered due diligence, compliance audits, and what all of this means not only to long term players but to new market entrants. KPMG also demonstrated their automated counterparties screening system, a strategic IT application known as RADAR – Rapid Data Analysis tool.

David Maltby – “This was a really informative and enjoyable event, made all the more so by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the KPMG team. In particular, the references to actual case studies, such as the impact on Rolls Royce for breaches in compliance to the tune of half a billion pounds (!) really brings home the reality of the situation”.

The presentations also contained a high level ‘how-to’ message, such as organising internal processes and systems to implement anti-corruption methods. For example, the themes:

Top Management  – ‘The tone from the top’

Web and Intranet communications, publications, top-down messages

Anti-Corruption risk assessments

Appointment of a top level champion for Anti-corruption

Policies and Procedures

Communication and Training

Were covered and expanded upon in some detail. Mergers and Acquisitions were also addressed in some detail. The presentation material is available for those people who attended, and can be accessed when the KPMG feedback form is completed.

“The Business Club and KPMG are currently discussing a series of future events throughout 2018, covering diverse business subjects, perhaps including a re-run of this event for those who missed it. We’re really looking forward to cooperating with KPMG again. I’d like to thank Ivan Tyagoun, KPMG Partner and head of the Risk Consulting department, and all the team at KPMG for the event”.

If you or your company are interested in holding business events, please contact David or any BBC board member.

KPMG presenters at the event:

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