Sherman Pereira

In the period 25th May – 25th July 2018 all foreign citizens must be registered within 24 hours upon entering the Russian Federation. This regulation applies to all foreign citizens including those with an HQS visa, Work Permit or Business Visa. In order to obtain the Migration Registration, foreign citizens should: – Check in at a hotel. Hotels do the Migration Registration online. – In case of residential lease, make sure that the property owner is ready to provide the Migration Registration within 24 hours upon arrival at a local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Note: HQS visas are registered at the address of the company-employer. Breach of this rule may lead to administrative sanctions (penalties for foreigners) and possible deportation from the Russian Federation. Standard Migration Registration rules outside of the 2018 FIFA World Cup period are as follows: 1. Tourist, Business and Work Permit visas, as well as Residence Permit – Migration Registration within 7 calendar days upon arrival. 2. HQS visas – Migration Registration within 90 calendar days upon arrival. Contact us for any questions at