1st Moscow Middle Eastern Party

Maria Ushakova

This exotic get together was organized in early April by Maria Ushakova and took place in Travel Cafe (Taganskaya). The party united more than 70 people from many countries including: Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Algeria, France, Japan, Belgium, India, Iran, Philippines, and Ukraine.

A truly international festive cultural spirit reigned all night! Big thank you to our amazing DJ Magoo (Egypt) for keeping the right vibes throughout the evening and playing contagious music. Special thanks to our live performers: Lyubov Zolotova (USA), a Syrian talented musician and film director Okba Joma, who played Oud and sang beautifully for the crowd to a huge applause. It was especially nice to see two Turkish singers singing in Arabic (and not only) and singing together side by side with Okba Joma. These Turkish singers and musicians: Yağız Berk Bağcı and Yusuf Kylych.

Of course, the stars of our show are a newly born musical group from Jordan, named “Iordan”: Ibrahim al-Drous and Safwan Alrawashdeh.

These are not just amazingly talented singers and representatives of their rich Culture, but they are also nuclear engineer students who are going to be working on the Atomic station in Jordan (joint venture project between Russian ROSATOM and Jordanian Government) after they complete their engineering degrees here at a Moscow University (MEPHI – National Research Nuclear University).

These are amazing first swallows of along-awaited balance in the energy sector in their region. The Atomic Station is bound to reduce dependency on oil.

So, all in all, it was a very good party and one to be repeated soon!

The 2nd Middle Eastern Party is planned for the End of June and will feature the famous singer from Turkmenistan – Maral Yakshieva.

Additional credits go to Ilya Molnikov (art director of Travel Cafe) and Svetlana Demidkina (our photographer). See you next time.