The British Football School and Flag Dobra




Richard Peers. Director, British Football School.

For many years social and charity work has been a fundamental part of my life. Whether this was creating and funding an adult football team during my time at university, running a number of marathons to support an orphanage in Kostroma, or providing free masterclasses and donating 500 pieces of kit to children in Rwanda and Sierra Leone.
Since arriving to Russia in 2013, with the support of all BFS colleagues, charity work has been a fundamental part of our commitment to help those less fortunate children develop personally, physically and physiologically, and all through the beautiful game! In 2014 BFS were invited by the British Embassy to participate in the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce – a match between our own children and against those from a local social institution. A lovely occasion to be involved in, celebrating international friendship and providing a unique experience to all involved. We decided to support Russian charity and invited children to join our trainings, and have since offered free weekly training sessions to support them.

The team, called BFC United, have enjoyed the novelty and experience of being coached by English-speaking trainers with professional coaching backgrounds. The team speak very little English, so for our coaches this has been a very interesting, challenging and ultimately rewarding experience. BFC United have also played in several friendly matches and tournaments, recently taking first place in the Soyuz Cup! British Football School continues to work closely to support Flag Dobra, organising the Annual Flag Dobra International Cup, in which 10 teams representing 8 different nationalities compete in order to raise money for underprivileged children in Moscow. The tournament takes place in the prestigious Lokomotiv Stadium Complex, and was previously supported by the former Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Arkady Dvorkovich and the British Ambassador to Moscow, Dr Laurie Britsow. The event drew attention from several media outlets as well as raising money and awareness for the good work of the charity.

For Christmas 2017, Flag Dobra and British Football School again combined to host a winter tournament, inviting several teams together for a friendly football event. The participants were asked to bring small, gift-wrapped presents to be presented to a group of underprivileged children who had also been invited to spectate during the matches. This tournament provided a great opportunity for our players to be actively involved in charitable work, and to experience the ‘gift of giving’ first hand. It was a valuable experience, and we hope that it provided some positivity and good feeling for the children who received our gifts this Christmas. To coincide with the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, BFS are once again working with Flag Dobra to raise awareness and donations for the charity. Therefore we invite you to support our initiative to an “International Match of Friendship” between TEAM ENGLAND AND RUSSIA FOOTBALL FANS. On Tuesday 10th July the teams will take to the field at the FC TRUD stadium (Varchevskoe Shosse 14) to play two halves of 45minutes. You are welcome to arrive, cheer on both teams and show your generosity by donating to the charity. 

Date: Tuesday 10th July, 1800 warm up, 1820-2000 match.

Location: Trud Stadium, Varchavskoe Shosse 14.

You can see further information about Russian childrens charity Flag Dobra here. Donations can be made with reference “BFS Dobra” here:

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