Why Invest in Russia, Why Now, and How: The Russia Deal Book

Charles W. Borden

The FinancePlus Russia Deal Book was last published in 2012 and, at more than 300 pages, was the largest publication devoted to the Russian mid-market investments in Russia’s small and medium sized businesses. After a seven-year hiatus, a new edition is in preparation for 2019, planned for publication by end of 2018. The Russia Deal Book is a catalogue of investment opportunities (deals) in Russia and investment facilitators (dealmakers) that assist them. The ambition of the Russia Deal Book is to facilitate communication and relationships for Russian investment.

Despite the current international political climate, Russia has many interesting and creative new businesses that do not fall under the sanction umbrellas. For instance, in agriculture and food products, which now have many new and wonderful products (e.g. cheeses) on the shelves. Another example is Russian wines – many very good and even excellent wines are now produced in Russia along the eastern coast of the Black Sea.Russia continues to be a rapidly developing emerging market, with accompanying growing pains, but it has made great progress in the last decade.  The foundation of any country’s economy is its community of small and medium business enterprises, the segment that supplies and provides goods and services that large enterprises require.

The target audience for the Russia Deal Book  is  the international investment and finance community, in order to concretely illustrate some of the extraordinary investment opportunities in the mid-market that Russia offers. It also provides information about the organizations that are active in making investments in Russia or that facilitate investments.

‘Vinoteka Il Vino’ in Moscow, where FinancePlus will host a Russian wine evening to bring together business professionals to hear more about the Russia Deal Book

The Russia Deal Book has two primary sections: Russia Deals (investment opportunities ranging from startup and project finance to company) and Russian Dealmakers, any organization that is involved in making investments in Russian businesses such as angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity funds. A Dealmaker might also be an organization that facilitates investment such as investment boutiques, accounting and audit firms, law firms, consultants and even business media, association and educators.

The new edition will have a new section with articles about Russian business, finance and investment from various perspectives. It will also have a special feature section about the Kuban Area in the Krasnodar region of Southern Russia along the Black Sea coast.

FinancePlus is now the largest owner of finance and investment Groups on LinkedIn with more than 1,000,000 members in its group. Its groups include FinancePlus (~480,000 members), Accounting & Audit (~130,000 members), Chief Financial Officer – CFO (~115,000 members), Private Equity Networking, Mergers & Acquisitions, and TechPlus among others. FinancePlus also owns many Central and Eastern Europe country specific groups such as Russia Forum (18,000 members). Other region groups include M&A Central and Eastern Europe, Russia Legal, Ukraine Connections, Bulgaria Forum, Czech Forum, Hungary Forum, Poland Forum and Romania Forum among others.

FinancePlus is inviting financial services companies and business leaders to submit information for the 2019 edition of the FinancePlus Russia Deal Book (see links below).

Charles Borden, the Managing Editor for FinancePlus, has worked in finance and investment in Russia since early 1992. He is also author Russian Wine Country: Sleeping Beauty Awakens, which is about the Kuban region and its wines and winemakers. He is also an associate of Paris-based OLMA Capital Management.

On October 29, FinancePlus will host a Russian wine evening to bring together business professionals to hear more about the Russia Deal Book. Presenters will include Luke Conner, President of the British Business Club in Russia, Vladimir Pukish, PR Director of Fanagoria Estate Winery, one of Russia’s largest, and Maria Matiashova, an enologist and sommelier from Novorossiysk. The event will be hosted by Olga Semencha at her Vinoteka Il Vino shop at Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya 35 bldg 50. Ms. Semencha also heads a family winery in Italy’s Piedmont region and will provide a critique of the evening’s beverages.

The Russia Deal Book 2019 will be printed and distributed through various business clubs and associations, at conferences, and to selected members of the FinancePlus LinkedIn group network.


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Wine Evening Oct 29th


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