Trick, treat, or simply call it… Samhain!

The Samhain Festival of Song and Dance HAPPENING NOW! 4 pm to 5 am, Irish and Russian bands and dancers at Glastonberry Pub.

By Helen Borodina

Greeting the winter with: ‘All Ireland Champion’ award winners: ‘Boxing Banjo’ (Ireland), Thomas Beavitt – ‘Rhyming Thomas’ (Scotland) with a one-man show based on Robert Burns’ poetry, and the Russian performers: Teufelstanzand Argemonia, Orange Keepers, ‘Драконь’ and Arkaim, Land of Legends,  Moonloom, and The Pavees, Iridan, Ars Longa,Veresk,Shady Glen and others.

Organizer: Fyodor Voskresensky (Tintal)

In Russia, Irish traditions are loved, and festivals, held in taste and style.

This weekend, as the Moscow skies frown, and the first snowflakes descend to the ground, it’s time for a reunion, – Fyodor Voskresensky, frontman for folk-rock band Tintal, believes – a reunion to celebrate the dawn of yet another winter, sing, dance and dress up, have fun in the welcoming warm atmosphere of Glastonberry pub in Moscow… Fyodor is the organizer of this festival where he invites musicians from Ireland, and folk bands from Russia.

“We celebrate Samhain, the start of winter, and will carry the warmth through the cold season, till we meet again in spring to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day,” – he told me in the interview at the Samhain festival last year.

This year, the festival lasts two days instead of one, due to the growing popularity of the tradition.

Having attended the Samhain reception at the Embassy of Ireland last night, (Friday Oct 26), where Ambassador Adrian McDaid spoke of the origins of Samhain and its worldwide popularity today, in his opening speech, and Boxing Banjo from Ireland played a set of jigs and reels, I am now on my way to Glastonberry where I will catch up with Feyodor and talk to some of the participants, and catch some of that cheerful spirit that is so good to have when the season turns gloomy.

Following that, I will write of what I see and hear, as my contribution to keeping the fire alive throughout the year, for warmth and brightness of all winter days for us all.

Fyodor Voskresensky singingat Samhain 2017. Photo by Olga Tarasova