The Spirit of the Financial Russia Deal Book 

Charles Borden and the British Business Club celebrated the kick-off of the 2019 Finance Russia Deal Book on October the 29th in style, with a wine evening at Vinoteka Il Vino. Charles explained the concept behind the book, which is basically to offer investment opportunities and document ways of investing in the Russian market. He mentioned that right now, when the market is low, is a very good time to be investing into this market. He pointed out that market participants are welcome to take out advertising space in the book, rates of which are very reasonable. Following the presentation of the book, more details about which can be found on the Finance Plus website, Charles treated us to an amazing evening of Russian wines. Russian wines have moved on a long way from the dark days when there were only one or two solvent Russian wineries which struggled to serve the Russian market with reasonably good wines. Charles’s degustation included products from 6 different wineries, and we sampled over 30 different wines. Sommelier Maria Matiashova taught us how to use our noses to detect hidden smells — including those from our childhood, to the amusement of some of the guests, whilst representatives from different vineries presented their products. Many guests could not tell the difference between expensive Italian wines and far cheaper, but equally as good Russian products. As Luke Conner, the President of the British Business Club pointed out, the wine industry is, like financial markets, driven by perception, and Russian wines, like Russian markets,  are under-rated. In all, a highly significant, and very successful evening.