Yelloween Party with Veuve Clicquot and Audi City


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This was a night to remember on Nikolskaya at the AudiCity offices on November 1st. The walls had been bedecked with ceiling to floor displays, making guests feel as though they are moving along with the images of the latest Audi cars. Into this ultra-modern environment came assorted members of the British Business Club to celebrate a very Veuve Clicquot version of Halloween. A DJ kept the evening going, although his efforts were hardly needed as the champagne flowed freely all evening and people simply enjoyed some high-value, informal networking, which is the forte of the British Business Club (BBC). Slowly, something began to happen. Somebody turned into a giant pumpkin, one by one, the hitherto normal looking leaders of British business and assorted guests from the very serious RBCC and other deeply respectable organisations slowly turned their faces to the light, to reveal dark and bloody gashes on their cheeks, ice picks lodged in brains, and blank faces reflecting long forgotten pagan rituals practiced in the original Yelloween of forgotten Veuve history! Only the BBC can pull something like this off, and, having shaken off the living dead, still be around to tell the tale!

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However the night was yet young! The blood soon dried on the scars, the Glenmorangie single malt whisky flowed, the dancing started. Philipp, the General Director of AudiCity showed guests the superb new A6 — actually the evenings guests were amongst the first  people in Russia to have set eyes on this beauty. To many ‘WOWS!’ Luke Conner, the President of the BBC announced that the first prize of the very eventful raffle, which was won by a gentleman from Deloitte, was a 3 day free test drive in the all new Audi A8!

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Usually the beginning of the Russian winter is a time to let off a deep collective, er, depressive… sigh. Those at this year’s Yelloween, however, were able to enjoy a much needed laugh, at themselves, enjoy excellent alcohol and great company. Thank you!

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