Retro maps of Russia are really coming into vogue and are readily available. This site: offers thousands of maps of major cities of Russia, as well as the regions. Maps are are arranged chronologically as well as alphabetically. There are various search categories such as ‘Keywords’ and ‘Themes’ where you can find subsections as diverse from monasteries in the XVII century to old public transportation maps. Hit the British flag on the top right hand corner of the site to put the site into English. Not all of the site is, however, in English and it is a little difficult to use, however this is an incredible resource for anybody researching, or living in Russia, and well worth browsing through.

The site has been put together by Sergei Tarasov, a cartographic enthusiast on a non-profit basis. You choose a map, and different versions of the same map through the years are available by selecting the years you wish to compare at the top of the map. Enjoy!