David Morely Has Passed Away.

Rest In Peace.

At 5pm on Tuesday April the 23rd Anthony David Morley died peacefully at his home in Moscow. David is survived by his beloved wife Olga and sons Michael, Nick and Stepan.

David died after an intense struggle and the end came mercifully quickly. David died surrounded by his wife, sons and friends.

David was born in 1948 in Chapeltown, a suburb of Sheffield. He studied Russian literature at Lancaster University from where he proudly graduated with an honours degree in 1973. David was an outstanding linguist, and spoke French, German and Russian. His professional career led him to Switzerland where he worked for 10 years when two sons Michael and Nick were born.

David moved to Russia in 1991. He quickly established himself in Moscow where he soon met his second wife Olga. Stepan, his third son was born in Russia in 1999.

David was one of a small group of pioneering westerners who forged the way for many who followed later. He is particularly remembered for his gift of communication. A Yorkshire man, he spoke from the heart and with the sophistication and understanding of a highly intelligent person. In 2004, David became a board member of the British Business Club in which he consistently played a key role.

David knew everybody, he was an immensely liked man. There are many of us who would like to express our heartfelt condolences to his family.

A memorial service will be held shortly, and announcements will be made. Rest In Peace David.